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If movies replicate real life, then most people who go to Vegas will end up losing teeth, getting a face tattoo and will wake up with a terrible headache and a new wife! While there are certainly elements of The Hangover that accurately portray Sin City, there are a host of other fun activities in Las Vegas that don’t entail seeing the bottom of a bottle of vodka.

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We’re passionate about the city and we use our website, similar to how CasinoAus prides itself at being the best online casino portal – ABC Las Vegas – as a definitive guide for new and returning visitors.

Thousands of tourists regularly flock to Vegas and the crowds can be a bit daunting for first-time travellers, which is why this online guide is such an ideal tool. It gives the top 5 hotels, top 5 casinos and top 5 activities in Vegas and this means that you don’t have to do any thinking and you can simply enjoy your holiday. If land-based casinos are not for you and you want to relax and play from the comfort of your hotel room, we recommend online pokies for the best Australian Online Pokies on the internet.

There are hundreds of hotels in the city and so ABC Las Vegas gives short but comprehensive reviews of the best hotels on the Strip. We know that you’re here to try your hand against Lady Luck and so we dedicate a significant portion of our site to casinos.

We review the best 5 gambling venues in the city and discuss what comps they offer, what jackpots have been won there and, fundamentally, where they’re found on the Strip.

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Vegas never sleeps, so no matter what time of the day or night there’ll be something to keep you busy. If you’re tired of shopping malls and spa treatments then read our top 5 activities list and get a different taste of Vegas, or have a look at our lists of online casinos if you want to have a night in. We cover free events like the impressive Bellagio fountains and more costly but thrilling activities like a helicopter ride to the magnificent Grand Canyon.

ABC Las Vegas doesn’t promise you that you’ll meet Mike Tyson on your holiday but we do assure you that you’ll soon fall in love with Vegas. If you don’t manage to see all the city’s sites then we’ll see you next time!

For those of you who can’t come to Vegas for whatever reason — be it work and other commitments or a lack of money — you can still enjoy some magic of Vegas by visiting an online casino. Click to visit casino.